New, Roof Mounted Wind Turbine

MGx, LLC has acquired rights to the only commercially available ducted fan wind turbine, the Wind Electric, Inc – LIM (Light Industrial Mill) in the world today.

Mendocino, California – August 16, 2002 [] The LIM is the only wind turbine on the market to make an asset out of air mass turbulence. It is safe, silent, vibration free and designed for rooftop mounting. Commercial wind power has long been a part of the American power grid but most often in large wind farms with large open-fan wind turbines. Now, through the efficiency of ducted fan turbines free, Renewable Energy can be produced at the point of consumption. The LIM is available in different sizes depending on energy needs and wind availability. The LIM has a footprint of less than 125 square feet and has a pivoting base that allows it to be free indexing, always turning its intake into the strongest wind. With the small footprint, affordable pricing and state and federal tax credits a LIM can significantly reduce power costs for residential, commercial and industrial users. MGx, LLC is pleased to be the first to offer these highly efficient, ducted fan wind turbines to the commercial, industrial and residential market. The LIM is a complementary lift, concentrating collector, converging diffuse air masses into a smooth laminar flow through a venturi section. The LIM utilizes high gauss Neodymium magnets in a permanent magnet, high power bandwidth generator to produce power at wind speeds below 15 mph and high wind speeds. The LIM can structurally and aerodynamically operate and produce power in wind speeds significantly over 100 mph.
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