New Off-Shore Wind Farm for UK

A new wind farm development, 8 km off the North Wales coast, which will produce enough electricity to power 50,000 homes, was given the go-ahead by the UK Government.

London, England – December 31, 2002 [] Once completed, the development will comprise up to 30 turbines, standing 150 meters high, and produce around 100 MW of electricity. Work on the development is scheduled to begin immediately for completion in 2004. “This is the third offshore wind farm development nationally and the second in Wales, which is blessed with some of the finest natural energy resources in the world,” said Energy Minister Brian Wilson. “Rhyl Flats will make a vital contribution to the Government’s target to generate 10 percent of the UK’s electricity from renewables by 2010.” Not only will the new facility generate clean power for the region, but it will add an economic boost to the area’s work force. “Job creation is a huge argument in favor of exploiting the green energy potential of Wales,” said Wilson. “The UK and Welsh Assembly Governments will work closely together to secure a manufacturing and supply base which meets the demands of a burgeoning renewables generation sector in Wales.” World Energy Council projections indicate that cumulative investment in renewables will be worth between £500 billion and £1,500 billion by 2020. Even a small share of that can mean a £1 billion annual market share year for the manufacturing sector and the creation of thousands of jobs. The application for consent to build the Rhyl Flats wind farm was originally made by Celtic Offshore Wind Limited. However the project will be taken forward by National Wind Power Offshore Limited, which already holds consents for the neighboring North Hoyle wind farm.


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