New North Sea Wind Atlas to Inform Future Offshore Developments

Wind farm operators in the North Sea will have a new atlas for wind resources in the region to help them identify how much power they can generate and how robust turbines should be.

Energy research Center of the Netherlands (ECN) last week said it is working with Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute and Delft University of Technology affiliate Whiffle for the Dutch Offshore Wind Atlas project created in June. The project will run through the end of 2019.

ECN said that the existing KNMI North Sea Wind atlas cataloguing wind information up to an altitude of 200m will be extended to include information from the past three years to support wind energy production estimates of wind farms now in the planning phase. The new atlas will be compiled with measurements from aircraft and satellite that has not been used previously. In addition, the atlas will provide wind information from layers of air up to 600m.

According to ECN, the Dutch Offshore Wind Atlas was commissioned by the Dutch national government with a goal of informing tenders for new wind farms off the southern Holland coast — Scheveningen — and the coast further north — Egmond.

Lead image: Thornton Bank, North Sea. Credit: Hans Hillewaert  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported | Wikimedia

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