New Mexico Wind Farm Lease Granted

New Mexico Commissioner of Public Lands Patrick Lyons recently signed an agreement with Cielo Wind Power of Austin, Texas, to develop a wind power generating facility on 1,840 acres of state trust land southeast of Tucumcari in Quay County.

Santa Fe, New Mexico – May 19, 2004 [] The facility is expected to consist of 80 turbines, eight of which will be located on trust land, and is projected to produce 80 MW of power. The Commissioner’s move came one day after the U.S. Senate approved legislation that includes a provision to extend the wind energy tax credit. “The energy bill is important to New Mexico, as renewable energy projects that were put on hold may now soon move forward,” Lyons said. The Commissioner announced last month that he was prepared to sign two pending agreements to develop wind energy in New Mexico, but that the projects are contingent upon the approval of tax incentives included in the legislation. “Alternative energy projects will diversify our energy portfolio, provide economic development opportunities, and create jobs in rural New Mexico,” Lyons said. In February, 2003, the Commissioner leased 1,160 acres of trust land near House, in Quay County, to FPL Energy to develop the New Mexico Wind Energy Center. The wind center consists of 136 turbines, 16 of which are located on trust land. According to news reports, the assistant director of the Commercial Resources Division of the State Land Office Joseph Lopez said that during the operational period, the state will receive 6% of the annual revenue from the sale of electricity produced by the farm or not less than $4,000 per turbine located on the state trust lands. Courtesy of AWEA’s Wind Power Weekly
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