New Green Tags For 100 Percent NE Wind Power

The Massachusetts Energy Consumers Alliance and People’s Power and Light (PP&L), two non-profit energy organizations, unveiled the launch of New England Wind, a product that enables New Englanders to support the use of Renewable Energy in the region.

Boston, Massachusetts – May 8, 2003 [] New England Wind is the first Renewable Energy certificate product to be based on 100 percent wind power generated by wind turbines located in New England. A 660 kW wind turbine located in the Town of Hull, Massachusetts is the first generation source for the product. New England Wind is a Renewable Energy certificate product, which means that it represents the environmentally-beneficial characteristics associated with the Hull wind turbine’s electricity production, and not the electricity itself. Purchases of New England Wind signal consumers’ support for clean, safe energy and help drive the development of additional Renewable Energy projects in the region. Because Hull’s wind turbine generates clean, local, renewable wind power, it has very positive environmental an economic benefits, including avoided air emissions. For example, every 150 kWh of New England Wind avoids the emission of over 140 pounds of heat trapping carbon dioxide. When the Hull wind turbine produces electricity, it reduces the need for dirtier electricity generators to operate, thus creating a cleaner, healthier overall energy mix. New England Wind has received Green-e certification, meaning customers have an independent assurance that their purchase supports generation from new renewable resources that meet strict consumer and environmental protection standards. Mass Energy and PP&L are currently selling New England Wind to non-profit organizations, municipalities and residents. Early purchasers include the Boston Public Health Commission, the City of Newton, Clean Water Action, and the Sierra Club. The Boston Public Health Commission’s (BPHC) purchase of New England Wind shows their support for clean power as a vital public health measure. “The emissions from fossil-fuel based power production contribute to air pollution and global climate change- two major threats to public health, ” said Dr. John Rich, BPHC Medical Director.
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