New Gamesa Prototype Unveiled

Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica has revealed the first prototype of its G10x – 4.5 MW product platform at the Cabezo Negro R&D wind farm located in the Jaulín local authority in the Spanish province of Saragossa.

With a rotor diameter of 128 metres and blades measuring more than 60 metres long, the tower has a height of 120 metres and is made of concrete and steel.

The company says its modular design, which was entirely designed in-house, will allow the cost of energy to be minimized through the use of a similar kind of transport and installation equipment used for smaller wind turbines. The turbines will also be equipped with technological innovations like two-sectioned blades to be assembled on-site and a coupled crane system to simplify assembly and dismantling tasks.

Some of these technological innovations being tested on the prototype will subsequently be incorporated into the production version Gamesa adds, noting that the machine has already fed its first energy into the grid.

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