Nebraska’s First Commercial-Scale Wind Farm Completed

Tennessee Valley Infrastructure Group Inc. (TVIG), has completed construction of the Kimball, Nebraska wind farm project, the state’s first commercial-scale wind farm.

Chattanooga, Tennessee – August 30, 2002 [] Commissioned for the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska (MEAN), TVIG’s Kimball power project is slated to bring green power to nearly 4000 homes and businesses in the region, including communities that are purchasing wind energy as part of their commitment to clean electricity generation. “When we committed to the Kimball development, we looked for a partner who could bring the project to completion beyond typical contracting services – we needed a turnkey solution,” said Richard Duxbury, MEAN’s Executive Director. “TVIG had the expertise to design, engineer and complete construction on the project as well as procure the most advanced technology. As the project is on the brink of operation, we’re very pleased with TVIG’s technical capabilities and their ability to work with community landowners to bring this development to fruition.” MEAN anticipates placing the Kimball, Nebraska project into commercial operation on October 1, 2002. The wind farm will have a generating capacity of 10.5 MW of power, using 1.5 MW wind turbines, the most advanced commercially available technology. Each turbine rests on a 230-foot tower with 236-foot diameter three-bladed rotors (wider than the wingspan of a Boeing 747). The highest point of the turbine is approximately 350-feet high, about as tall as a 35-story building.


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