Navajo Secures 200-MW Project Site in China

Navajo Wind Energy Corp. has secured a new 200-megawatt (MW) wind site located in Xinjiang, China. This site is situated on 6,200 acres and is in an area with proven, high-energy wind speeds. Previous testing indicates a mean average annual wind speed in excess of 11 meters per second (25 miles per hour), capable of generating net operating capacity factors in excess of 50 percent.

The Xinjiang Project is one of a number of new acquisitions that Navajo Wind Energy is currently developing as part of the previously announced “China Initiative.” Navajo Wind Energy is currently conducting environmental studies to complete the permitting process.

“There was tremendous competition from the largest players in the investment banking and energy industries to acquire this exact piece of property. Navajo Wind’s access to proprietary information dating back to the 1990s allowed the Company to seize this opportunity several weeks before our competition. We are extremely proud of this accomplishment,” said Barry Doyle, Navajo’s CEO.


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