National Interfaith Network Supports Cape Wind Farm

In a letter to the Army Corps of Engineers, Rev. Fred Small, Co-chair of Religious Witness for the Earth (RWE), called for a “full, fair and rigorous permit review” of the Cape Wind project while noting that a moratorium on the permitting process would create a “delay [that] would place our children at risk”.

Littleton, Massachusetts – February 7, 2003 [] The Cape Wind proposal to build America’s first offshore wind farm on Horseshoe Shoal would provide, on average, three-quarters of the electricity used on Cape Cod and the Islands from clean, Renewable Energy. According to the company, the project would lower electric costs, contribute to a healthier environment, increase energy independence and establish Massachusetts as a leader in offshore wind power. RWE is a national interfaith network that views the threat to future generations posed by global climate change as one of the most pressing moral issues of our time. RWE issued a New England Call for Climate Action in June, 2002 that urges deep reductions in Carbon Dioxide emissions and has now been signed by over 330 clergy members of different faiths. In their letter to the US Army Corps of Engineers, RWE Co-chair Rev. Fred Small noted that “to reduce greenhouse emissions, New Englanders must take the lead in both conserving and developing alternative sources of energy. Therefore, RWE welcomes innovative proposals like Cape Wind’s.”
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