Nantucket Wind Data Tower Stays

Another victory for wind energy research was achieved when the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit upheld a Federal District Court decision of August 19, 2003 to dismiss the Ten Taxpayers Citizens Group lawsuit filed against Cape Wind. The project is one of the first offshore wind project in the United States, and the citizen’s group brought a lawsuit forward because of the scientific data tower on Horseshoe Shoal in Nantucket Sound.

Boston, Massachusetts – June 30, 2004 [] The decision marks the third time a federal court has made a ruling concerning Cape Wind’s scientific data tower. Cape Wind has received a favorable outcome in each of these rulings. Members of the citizen’s group had filed suit against the wind project because they believed that the project managers hadn’t obtained the proper permits to install the data tower from the Massachusetts Fisheries. Cape Wind argued that the proposed site is more than three miles from the state’s shore, and so building permits fall under federal control. The tower was installed in the fall of 2002 with a permit granted by the Army Corps of Engineers, and will collect wind data for five years to help determine if the shoal is an appropriate place to build a wind farm with 170 turbines. An environmental permit public-interest review by seventeen federal and state agencies is currently underway for the project. Electricity generated by the wind project could provide three-quarters of the electricity used on Cape Cod and the Islands from renewable energy. “This is an important step forward for Cape Wind as well as the sailors, fishermen, ferry boat captains, students and scientists who rely upon the important scientific and environmental data provided by the scientific data tower in a real-time basis on Cape Wind’s website,” Cape Wind President Jim Gordon said.
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