Nacel To Develop 20-MW Texas Wind Farm

Nacel Energy Corporation confirmed this week that it has entered into two long term wind development rights agreements covering an aggregate of 1573 acres of farm land located in Swisher County, Texas. Swisher is the company’s third Texas wind energy project located in the Panhandle region.

Once the project is completed, Nacel Energy anticipates that it will have an installed capacity of 20 megawatts (MW), or more. Collection of site specific wind data has started at the Swisher site with the installation of a 60-meter NRG Systems meteorological tower transmitting data back to Nacel Energy, via an Iridium satellite uplink.

While wind data is collected, additional development points including interconnection engineering, turbine engineering and obtaining turbine debt financing, must be completed by the company. Nacel Energy’s three domestic wind power projects, Swisher, Blue Creek and Channing Flats, are all located in the Texas Panhandle, believed to be among the nation’s premier wind energy corridors.

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