Moog Invests in Wind Energy Unit of LTi

Moog Inc. has acquired 40 percent ownership of LTi REEnergy GmbH’s wind energy business for approximately US $28 million. The deal adds a widely used electromechanical blade pitch control system (PCS) to Moog’s portfolio to complement its existing electrohydraulic blade PCS control and transmission systems.

The operator of a wind turbine has to maintain the inclination angle of a turbine’s blades in two ways. First, even when the wind isn’t strong enough, the turbine needs to accelerate to reach a certain speed. Second, when wind conditions are strong, the turbine needs a failsafe to put the blades at an angle where the load is reduced. This failsafe technology is where Moog saw an advantage to LTi REEnergy’s PCS, the company said.

“Pitch control systems hold the key to maximizing and protecting a multimillion-dollar wind turbine,” said David Fijas, General Manager of Moog’s of the industrial business in the United States. “We believe we can take our experience with creating motion control systems for the aerospace and manufacturing industries and make the LTi REEnergy PCS even more high-performance. Our longer range strategy involves tapping our engineering know-how to continually improve the existing solution.”


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