Project Title:  Mobile Power wind generator with a vortex-type TSC (Trailing Solar Chimney).

Market Analysis: such developments indicate that towards the creation of mobile vortex turbine for operate the largest companies, such as Siemens, offering, depending on specific conditions, offers turbine with adjustable and fixed blades, as she tells , all currently available designs (Pelton, Francis, Kaplan, Axial, etc.), but it has no copyright on the creation of new vortex turbines in the World.

Project Summary: The invention of the Soviet Union in the number 1319654 in 1985 air thermal power TSC with a vortex-type turbine managed to create an artificial tornado vortex predetermined the development of small wind turbine with a spiral, which can be used due to their small size and weight for low-power mobile army of consumers – computers, radars, missile guidance devices and radio-controlled models, the temporary site lighting, etc. Moreover, it is clear that the rotor diameter up to 1-1.5 meters and a height of 5 meters is possible to transport and install several generators simultaneously.

Swirling wind turbine can be equipped with a diffuser when using additional sources of air pressure. Then the design of the diffuser for the vortex turbine can be used not only to the horizontal wind flow, but also a variety of liquid and gaseous fuels: biogas, associated gas, as well as compressed air and steam – to equalize the power in the wind, at peak loads, etc. .

The principle of operation of mobile military power is based on air thermal vortex processes created by the horizontal air flow, but other than that the air flow can be provided by a special design of the diffuser, which creates a vortex in a parabolic ascending column, and the work of wind turbines, which creates upward vortex flow. That is, power can be used as a stationary system in the presence of additional sources of air pressure.

Outwardly, the turbine blade wind turbine has the form of a helical ribbon, and with the diffuser – a parabolic cross-section columns, with the helical turbine is invisible and is secured in a fixed version. The diameter of the turbine and generator weight is several times less than similar, conventional designs. Due to a special, unique design wind turbine can operate in conditions close to fighting a silent than bladed wind turbines, not to mention the comparison with diesel generators.

Wind turbine can operate in several modes:

1). A turbine-mode: only used by wind power.

2). Two-hybrid mode: directly on the oil and wind energy is used gaseous or liquid fuels, natural gas, associated gas.

3). Hybrid Solar Wind energy units. Since all the external design of the diffuser are fixed, the case is framed photovoltaic film to create the effect of the starter in the wind.

4). A special version of the vortex wind turbine – dumps and landfills. Swirling wind generator that runs on gas,   the product of decomposition of waste.

5). Wall version of the wind turbine: mounted directly on the building and can act as a direct wind, and from the ascending currents.

The advantages of the proposed construction of a vortex generator:

– No high mast, which is more convenient to hide the location on the ground;

– Safe for birds;

– Occupies a small space, so maybe one carrier to transport a number of packaged units;

– Easy to install, what increases the speed of installation and deployment on the ground;

-Mobility, compact size for transport by road for any distance

– No visible at a distance of rotating parts;

– Extremely low noise level of all known generators of electricity;

– Does not have any interference in the working equipment;

– Inexpensive to manufacture and use;

– Easy to operate, no need to “catch” the wind flow.

The nature of the project: research, development and implementation of a prototype for the creation of the industrial organization of production.

Industry: Defense

Application Area of Investment: World deserts.

Readiness of the project: concept, USSR author’s certificates for inventions with the stamp “Only for Official Use» N 1319654, 1526335, 1641962, laboratory model of the vortex turbine.

The investments are: Military Research and Development. The introduction of new technologies. Production of the prototype debugging for the industrial production.

 Contact the author of the project: Ph.D. Mamulashvili George

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Ph.D., author of 12 inventions, including three inventions of the air thermal power plant of the artificial cyclone action - vortex power. All these inventions are based on the availability of electrical energy in the toroidal space on the boundary differential pressure and temperature at the point of twist of the vortex torus. Moreover, the station operates as a system of motion upper and downward movement depending of type of climatic conditions of construction. Theoretical foundations of a very complex calculation made in 1995, and these theoretical studies are now in 2011 is confirmed by calculations in the software ANSYS CFX. Vortices's form a precisely calculated point toroidal space, which involves loyalty hypothesis of swirling around a central strut tower station air flow. Such power that arise in the work of the vortex turbine can provide significant need in both industry and housing. Now runs R & D for power stations with capacity of 5-20 MW up to 30-100 MW.

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