Minnesota Co-ops Consider Wind

August 25, 2003 [SolarAccess.com] Recognizing that its members serve areas of the state with some of the best wind power resources, the Minnesota Rural Electric Association (MREA) invited the American Wind Energy Association’s (AWEA) Great Plains representative John Dunlop to provide an update on wind power technology and development in the region at the association’s annual workshop, Energy Issues Summit, in St. Cloud. Dunlop provided information on the current status of wind power technology, and reviewed new installations expected to be completed in 2003 that will boost Minnesota’s rank in wind power installed capacity to number three in the nation behind California and Texas, said AWEA. Many cooperatives have all source contracts with their electricity suppliers restricting them from generating their own electricity supplies. However, some cooperatives have reached agreements with their suppliers to allow self-generation from wind power.


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