Million Solar Roof Initiative Sent to State Legislature

The Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared the massive mobilization of renewable energy as a major political goal: 33 percent of California’s energy supply is to be based on renewable energy by the year 2020 (sun, wind, water, plant fuel).

He expressed these goals during a meeting with solar industry notable Hermann Scheer, president of EuroSolar and Chairman of The World Council for Renewable Energy. The organization Environment California arranged for Scheer to speak in the California capitol and to meet with the governor. As a member of the German Parliament, Sheer was the main driving force behind Germany’s now famous solar feed-in legislation, which provides generous production incentives for solar photovoltaic (PV) power, the country’s German solar roof program and other legislative innovations. At the meeting, a draft bill was officially presented that would implement the Governor’s Million Solar Roof Program. If passed into law, the bill would be a crucial step toward the state reaching the Governor’s goal of using 33 percent renewable energy by the year 2020. The bill, SB 1, is similar to last year’s comprehensive solar bill, but adopts some key changes to help increase its chances of passage through the state legislature. Specifics of this new bill were reported on by (see link below). With this initiative, California has linked its efforts to Germany’s and Japan’s solar mobilization programs. Both programs led to mass production of solar PV with the two countries securing a 70 percent share of the global production and industrial leadership in solar electricity equipment. Scheer characterized the Governor’s initiative as a signal to other countries and states to enter a global “Olympic competition of renewable energy” and efficiency programs, and a signal for German companies to enter the California market. California’s legislature will ultimately decided whether the measure passes or not — and the bill’s wording is likely to change considerably over the next few weeks and months. For more information on the initial specifics on the governor’s Million Solar Roof Plan, see the following link to a comprehensive article on
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