Massachusetts Wind Farm Developer Airs Radio Ads

July 21, 2004 [] Cape Wind, the developers behind a proposed 420 MW offshore wind farm off the coast of Massachusetts, have launched an education campaign they say highlights the clean energy, energy independence and cost saving benefits of the project with two new radio ads running on local stations this summer entitled “Independence”, and “Good News”. “Independence” draws upon the history of Cape Cod and the Islands using windmills to produce salt which was an important contribution to America’s war for independence when the British naval blockade prevented the colonies from importing salt which was needed to preserve fish, meat and medical supplies for General Washington’s army. “Independence” then describes a new challenge facing Americans, our over-reliance on imported energy and how wind power can return to the region to help Americans, once again, strive for independence. The historical references in “Independence” are based, in part, on bestselling author Mark Kurlansky’s book, “Salt, A World History”, published by Penguin Books in 2003. “Good News” depicts a husband and wife discussing rising energy prices and Cape Wind’s proposed wind farm on Horseshoe Shoal. The information in “Good News” about Cape Wind’s benefits of lowering energy costs and providing needed renewable energy were recently confirmed by the Tentative Decision of the Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board and by the US Department of Energy’s white paper.
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