Maryland County Pays Customers Who Use Wind Energy

Residential and commercial customers in Montgomery County, Maryland, who choose Washington Gas Energy Services’ (WGES) 50 percent wind electricity offer will receive a cash credit through Montgomery County’s Clean Energy Rewards program.

The Clean Energy Rewards program is the first county government sponsored program in the U.S. to provide cash incentives to residents and businesses that purchase energy from renewable sources. WGES is the only certified supplier in the program offering qualifying electricity supplies to both residential and commercial customers. The Montgomery County Clean Energy Rewards program provides credits of 1 cent for each kilowatt-hour (kWh) of eligible clean energy consumed by residential customers. Non-residential customers, such as businesses and congregations, will receive 1.5 cent per kWh. The County’s Department of Environmental Protection, which administers the program, estimates that this credit should offset 40 percent of the incremental costs of renewable energy supplies. The rewards will be distributed by WGES and appear as credits on consumers’ monthly utility bills.
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