Energy Investment Group Moves Into Pure Play Offshore Wind

Energy investment group Ramco Energy plc has announced its intention to focus on offshore wind, claiming to be the first publicly quoted pure-play offshore wind company in the UK.

To reflect this strategic shift, the group intends to be renamed SeaEnergy PLC after its existing subsidiary SeaEnergy Renewables.

The SeaEnergy team developed the Beatrice offshore wind farm demonstrator, the world’s first deep-water wind farm development which involved the installation of two 5 MW turbines at water depths of 45 metres.

Ramco, which has a five-year global goal of 1 GW net of offshore capacity installed, has 456 MW of developments secured through participation in the Scottish offshore development round as well as additional bids in the UK’s Offshore Round 3.

Existing interests in oil and gas are to be exited.

Stephen Remp, executive chairman said: “The offshore wind opportunity is truly enormous, with over £130 billion [US $195 billion] of investment envisaged over the next 11 years through the Scottish and UK Offshore Rounds. The North Sea is once again opening up for development, this time driven by the global demand for clean energy.”


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