Making Electric Transportation Work

The automobile and electricity industries have avoided dramatic change for decades. Today, because of environmental and geopolitical concerns, auto companies and utilities are re-evaluating the fundamentals of how they do business. However, by working together and embracing change, many of these “legacy” companies could play a major role in ushering in an era of electric transportation.

There are many different visions of what what an electric transportation sector will look like. In this podcast, we’ll explore a few views on how it may be created.

Matt Mattila, a business strategy specialist with the Smart Garage program at the Rocky Mountain Institute, talks about the coming convergence of green buildings, a smarter grid and the roll-out of new electric vehicles.

Joe Paluska, vice president of communications for Better Place, describes the company’s systems integration approach to building out the vehicle-to-grid infrastructure. He’ll talk about why electric transportation will look like today’s mobile phone network.

Vijay Vaitheeswaran, environment and energy correspondent with the Economist, talks about his newest book, ZOOM: The Global Race to Build the Car of the Future. He’ll also tell us why he’s so hopeful that the automobile sector will embrace electric transportation and next-generation fuels.

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