Los Angeles Renewable Efforts Draw Praise

Herman Scheer, the General Chairman of the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE) applauded the Los Angeles Department Board of Water and Power’s (LADWP) decision to boost the 2003/2004 Solar Energy budget to US$20 million.

Los Angeles, California – July 7, 2003 [SolarAccess.com] This budget rise in the solar photovoltaic incentive plan builds on a 10-year budget of US150 million. Since 1998 every year US$8-16 million are provided by the City of LA to encourage residents and businesses to use Renewable Energy by subsidizing the cost of installing solar electric systems. The LA Solar Power Program is one of several LADWP Green LA Programs including Energy Efficiency and Green Power for a Green LA that were substantially designed by Angelina Galiteva, Executive Director of the Green La Environment Department. “This month’s approval clearly shows that renewable energy promotion is a realizable and necessary strategy for sustainable city development. This program is a concrete step to reach California’s goal of 20 percent Renewable Energy electricity supply by 2017,” Scheer said. “It also underlines that cities are not only powerful potential markets for the introduction of Renewable Energy Technologies but also the national and regional seats of political power.” Scheer echoed a recent paper by WCRE Chairmen Committee for Australia/Pacific Peter Droege’s which describes the efforts of cities to promote renewable energy in the face of less-supportive governments. Droege said the efforts in Los Angeles lie in stark contrast to the Federal governments support for renewable energy. According to Droege, the Bush Administration’s 2001 National Energy Plan expects until 2020 a share of just 2.8 percent of Renewable Energy in the overall electricity supply, reflecting this lack of support for renewable energy. Funding for wind power was reduced by 5.5 percent, for geothermal by 3.8 percent and for solar energy programs by two percent. Instead, till 2020 up to 1900 new conventional fossil power stations are planned in order to avoid a national energy crisis. Already in 1980 the Energy and Defense Project of the Federal Emergency Management Agency of the USA, showed in its Final Report that in 2050 a total substitution of fossil and nuclear energy by Renewable Energy is possible. Scheer said that urban renewable energy promotion programs such as those in Los Angeles and the work of organizations like the American Council for Renewable Energy (ACRE), which is chaired by WCRE Chairmen Committee Member Michael Eckhart, underline that the vast potential of renewable energy in the USA can be used much earlier and effectively than predicted by the National Energy Plan. In other WCRE news, the Chairmen Committee of WCRE consists of two new members, Angelina Galiteva, and Stephen Karekezi. Until recently, Galiteva was the Executive Director-Strategic Planning, for the City of Los Angeles Department LADWP, responsible for managing the Departments’ Corporate Environmental Services Business Unit as well as all LADWP’s Green LA Programs. Karekezi (BSc & MSc) is the Director of the African Energy Policy Research Network as well as the Executive Secretary of the Foundation for Woodstove Dissemination.
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