Keeping the Industry in Check

With all the money from investors, attention from the mainstream media and interest from consumers pouring into clean technologies, the situation is looking good for renewable energy. But as the financial opportunities grow, so too does the potential to oversell the benefits of some technologies. In this podcast, we’ll explore some problems that over-exuberance and lack of quality information can create for the industry.

Sue Kateley of the California Solar Energy Industries Association tells us about some sketchy solar companies in the Golden State.

Small-Wind Expert Mick Sagrillo talks about the sham companies that have emerged over the years in the residential wind market.

Brad Smith of explains the need for online intermediary companies in the solar space to give consumers a simplified and trustworthy experience.

Dr. Barry Butler of Butler Sun Solutions warns about the potential for overstating the abilities of Dish/Stirling Systems, potentially creating negative perceptions about the promising technology.

Finally, independent environmental reporter Peter Fairley gives us his take on the role of journalism in this increasingly popular-yet-complex energy landscape.

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