John Deere To Develop 12-MW Wind Farm in Greensburg, Kansas

Last year, the community of Greensburg, Kansas was leveled by a massive tornado. Now, the City of Greensburg and John Deere Renewables have announced their plans to develop the Greensburg Wind Farm to help the community recover.

The Greensburg Wind Farm will consist of ten 1.25-megawatt (MW) wind turbines, and will align with the community’s green rebuilding initiative. If development milestones are met, groundbreaking could take place in summer 2009. John Deere said that commercial operation could occur as early as 2010.

“The City of Greensburg is thrilled to see this project begin, as it will meet our energy goals to be 100% renewable,” said Steve Hewitt, Greensburg City Administrator. “This model will serve as an example of how communities can meet their sustainable goals through collaboration. Our efforts to be a green community hinge on our energy model.”

NativeEnergy Inc. will be the exclusive marketer of renewable energy credits (RECs) from the wind farm, purchasing about two thirds of the wind farm’s expected REC output over 20 years and providing critical revenues to enable project financing. Clipper Wind Power Inc., shared wind assessment information, which helped in the siting process and enabled the project to move forward.

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