Israel Threats to Demolish Wind and Solar Power Systems for 500 Palestinians in the West Bank

Comet-ME solar panels

Image credit: Comet-ME

Comet-ME (short for Community, Energy and Technology in the Middle East), a non-profit organization, is run by a joint initiative of both Israelis and Palestinians, with the mission of building renewable energy systems for Palestinian communities that are not connected to electricity out of political reasons.

At the time of writing, German-funded Comet-ME has installed renewable and sustainable energy systems for more than 1300 people.  According to Israel, about 500 of these installations (those located in Area C) are illegal since there has been no permits issued for them. They now stand the threat to be demolished.

According to both co-founders of Comet-ME, Elad Orian and Noam Dotan, the permits have not been applied for because they would’ve never been approved in the first place. 

Mark Regev, one of the spokesmen for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has the following to say about the situation:

“We are acting in the framework of signed agreements. We were willing to move forward to sign more agreements, but that is not happening because the Palestinians refuse to negotiate.”

It is clear that the solar and wind power systems that have been installed are no security threats. They are put in place to provide people with basic electricity needs, and as a first step in promoting economic growth.

Elad Orian, along with the rest of Comet-ME, is now doing all they can to stop the demolishing from taking place. In a recently published YouTube video, he encourages people to help them stop the demolishing from taking place:

“We would like to ask your help to turn the decision. It’s not yet final. It can and should be changed. Support the provision of basic energy services for these families.”

Read more about how you can help stopping the demolishing at Comet-ME’s website.


Written by Mathias from EnergyInformative, a site where you can find information about solar, wind and geothermal energy, as well as how to increase energy efficiency in your home.

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