Is Distributed Generation Ready for Market Penetration?

A report from a U.S. company says that Distributed Generation (DG) technologies are not going to be as successful in market penetration as some estimates indicate.

LAKEWOOD, Colorado, US, 2001-04-10 <> DG technologies are a “hot topic” in the energy industry, and some estimates indicate that global DG capacity will triple to 40 GW by 2008. Distributed generation includes solar photovoltaic, wind, fuel cells and gas-fired microturbines, among other technologies. “Increasingly, it has become difficult to separate fact from fiction,” says Energy Info Source, Inc. “Optimistic forecasts, delayed commercialization of fuel cells and the general slowing of the economy contribute to the lack of clarity within the DG niche.” The Colorado firm says many of the estimates of market penetration by DG are “overly optimistic,” based on its 250 page “The Definitive Distributed Generation Sourcebook.” The report provides a profile of a number of companies involved in DG, including business strategy, alliances, key products, installations and patents. It examines where the major players are in market entry, with profiles on Applied Power, AstroPower, Avista Labs, Ballard Power, Bergey WindPower, BP Solar, Capstone, DCH Technology, Energy Conversion Devices, Energy Ventures, Entech Solar, Global Solar Energy, Kaneka Solar, Kyocera Solar, PowerLight, Siemens Solar, Southwest WindPower, Spire, Sunpower, SunWize, Sustainable Energy Technologies, Synergy Power, United Solar Technologies, Wind Turbine Industries, World Power Technologies and more. In a study of market growth, the U.S. Energy Information Administration and Merrill Lynch estimated that worldwide DG capacity additions will triple to 40 GW by 2008.

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