Ireland’s First Multi-MW Wind Farm Completed

November 14, 2003 [] Since June Ireland’s largest wind park, “Kings Mountain”, has been producing the clean energy of the future. Now Nordex has handed the park over to its customer, the Irish utility Airtricity. The ten Nordex N80 turbines near Sligo are to feed some 85 million kWhs into the public electricity grid – enough for the power consumption of more than 20,000 households. This is made possible by the large turbines, with a rated capacity of 2,500 kW each, and the good wind location. On the west coast of Ireland the wind blows at an average speed of 9.0 m/s. Nordex shared responsibility for implementing the wind park with the general contractor, ESBI (Electricity Supply Board International). While ESBI took care of the road and foundation work, as well as the electrical engineering, Nordex was responsible for supplying the turbines, installing and commissioning them. This work was started in February and completed in the summer.
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