IPL Expands Renewable Energy Portfolio

Interstate Power and Light Co. (IPL) has partnered with developers of the Hardin-Hilltop Wind Project to purchase approximately 16 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy generated by the wind turbines, located northwest of Jefferson, Iowa.

The Hardin-Hilltop Wind Project, which became commercially operable in May 2007, has eight investors, seven of whom are from Jefferson, including Wind Family Turbine, LLC. Edison Mission, a subsidiary of Southern Cal Edison, has also invested in the wind project. Each investor owns a single wind turbine, which can generate more than 2 MW each.

In 2006, IPL agreed to purchase the energy generated from the seven wind turbines. Given the size and ownership of the project, IPL is eligible to receive the Iowa small renewable tax credit.

Earlier this year, IPL announced plans to construct an additional 100 megawatts of new wind generation in Guthrie and Audubon Counties in Iowa as part of its long-term generation growth strategy. Currently, IPL has approximately 260 MW of wind energy under contract in its energy portfolio.

“Tom Wind of Wind Family Turbine LLC has been instrumental in seeing this project through from start to finish and our company commends him for his efforts,” said Tom Aller, president of IPL. “This is also a great day for the community of Jefferson as this project is a shining example of how our state provides continuous opportunities to be a leader in renewable energy and further Iowa’s economic development potential.”

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