Iowa Calls For Renewable Energy Supply

Alliant Energy has issued a request for proposals for 150,000 megawatt hours of renewable energy generation.

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (US) 2002-02-06 [] The RFP is the second component of the utility’s ‘Power Iowa’ energy plan, as part of its portfolio approach to ensure a reliable power supply for the state. Renewables could provide sufficient energy for 20,000 homes each year. “We are committed to continue making cleaner, greener power sources part of Iowa’s energy future,” says president Eliot Protsch. “Our ‘Power Iowa’ plan relies on a diversified mix of energy sources. This component demonstrates our resolve to bring reliable energy to Iowa while being a responsible steward of the environment.” Alliant’s renewable energy ventures include a switchgrass project in Ottumwa, in addition to its status as one of the largest purchasers of wind energy in the United States. The company is also involved in expanding the use of animal waste from Iowa farms as a renewable fuel source. Alliant plans to select bidders by late spring and expects to add 100,000 to 150,000 MWh of new renewable generating capacity by the end of next year. The RFP is open to any form of renewable energy and final selections may include a variety of different projects from several different bidders. Last year, Alliant Energy announced its intention to add natural gas and coal generation plants, enhance transmission and emphasize energy efficiency, as well as renewable energy. The first component of the ‘Power Iowa’ approach was a RFP for the addition of 500 MW of gas-fired generation. “We know Governor Vilsack has a keen interest in expanding the use of renewable energy in Iowa and we look forward to working with him and clean energy advocates in the state to bring this (second) part of our plan to fruition,” says Protsch.
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