Inverter Claims to Improve PV Power and Safe Grid Connection

A new power inverter, the SunLynx II, has been certified and can provide 2,000 or 4,000 watts of electricity in grid connected mode while maintaining UL1741 approved anti-islanding protection.

HILLIARD, Ohio, US, 2001-12-27 [] Vanner Inc says it has achieved UL1741 listing for the inverter which, in addition to allowing consumers to benefit from running their electricity meters backwards, can also provide off-line power for specific purposes during power outages if there is sufficient PV power. The Sunlynx II improves on the original SunLynx model by optimizing the power that can be transferred from PV panels to AC utility power. Reverse polarity protection and multiple array configurations are offered with a combiner PCB, which now is supplied as standard. The new module claims to surpass its predecessor’s performance with increased immunity to conducted and radiated electromagnetic interference, as well as improved firmware. The company says the system retains its original modular ‘all in one’ feature set, a popular innovation with both system integrators and installers. Vanner says the latest product emphasizes its belief in the future of renewable and alternative energy markets.
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