Hybrid Renewable Energy Installation for Off-Peak

Aurora Cable Internet contracted Hybridyne Power Systems to supply and build a new hybrid renewable energy source with three high-efficiency wind turbines.

Future expansion is considered by combining solar power with the wind turbines. Scheduled to be fully operational by the end of 2005, this installation will reduce CO2 emissions by 100 tons annually. Expanding on the Government of Canada’s “Take The One Tonne Challenge,” ACI will be generating their own electricity – quietly and with zero pollution — and will be freeing up enough grid-supplied electricity to power approximately 50 homes. “ACI’s overall energy usage from the grid will be greatly reduced. Also, as demand energy billing (Bill 100) becomes more of a reality in mid 2006 they will have the built-in capacity to have their electricity use tailored to only the off-peak least expensive overnight periods,” said Thomas Cleland, President and CEO of Hybridyne. Hybridyne Power Systems Canada Inc. and the Hybridyne Power Systems Group of Companies specialize in the turnkey design and installation of hybrid (wind, solar and other dynamic source) renewable energy systems.
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