How to cut down the cost of the solar power

How much do of solar power inverter and per kWh cost?  The cost of solar power includes the total construction cost of modules of systems, installation cost and the maintenance costs during the operation years.


In the previous time, the high price has always limited the solar power application of the domestic. Chinese PV industry mainly exports to Europe. The European countries have been cutting down the subsidies for solar power, but the solar power markets, such as India and Thailand is emerging. The exporting advantage of our photovoltaic is also strong.


Currently, the Chinese domestic PV power application is seldom. The decline of the PV power inverter cost will may promote more and more domestic PV industry to use solar power. The application of solar photovoltaic market will show a wide-ranging, diverse trend. To meet the diverse needs, the solar cells will continue the development of high-efficiency, low-cost direction.


Even so, the solar power cost is still three to four times than that of coal-fired, over 50% higher than wind power. Only to reduce the cost of the solar power can it have the chance to compete with wind and coal power. What’s more, the decline of the solar power cost will also benefit the further integration of the solar photovoltaic industry.


Actually, the photovoltaic industry has been working on reducing the solar power inverter cost recent years in order to improve the competiveness in the market competition.

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