Hospitality Industry Welcomes Renewable Energy

Through an arrangement with Green Mountain Energy, two Hyatt hotel properties in Dallas plan to have their entire energy use offset by renewable energy credit purchases.

“This was a chance to make a very public statement about the responsibility we have to be good community stewards,” said Hyatt Regency Dallas general manager Steve Vissotzky. “Our agreement with Green Mountain Energy not only makes economic sense, but it also complements our existing sustainable business practices.” The energy purchase helps the hotels reduce their share of pollution from carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. By buying renewable energy, each one will use an average of 1,416 MWh per month, the equivalent of not driving approximately 55 million miles. This purchase also increases the demand for renewable energy facilities like the Green Mountain Energy Wind Farm in Brazos County, Texas. “Choosing renewable energy is one of the best — and easiest — ways for a business to demonstrate its commitment to preserving the environment. The two Dallas Hyatt properties have set the bar high by choosing to use 100 percent renewable electricity,” said Scott Hart, president of commercial services for Green Mountain Energy. Due to Green Mountain Energy Company’s efforts, almost 600,000 customers nationwide are purchasing electricity that is significantly less polluting than typical system power.
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