Heliotronics Introduces New PV Transducer

As solar technology finds its way into the classrooms and museums around the world, Heliotronics has unveiled a new product to compliment their educational PV systems.

Hingham, Massachusetts – November 21, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] Heliotronics has expanded the flexibility of its Epiphany series data acquisition systems with the addition of a 600V version of their current/voltage transducer. Heliotronics designs and developments educational electronics and software for the PV industry. The new transducer addresses the industry trend toward higher voltage PV systems. Heliotronics Epiphany series data acquisition systems provide a platform for teaching about solar energy in schools, museums, and other educational venues. The data acquisition system monitors the performance of the solar arrays and use current/voltage transducers to monitor array and inverter output in real time, according to Heliotronics. Heliotronics’ Current/Voltage Transducer is used to measure the current and voltage on either the AC or the DC side of photovoltaic, wind and other electrical systems. The transducer is listed to the latest UL and CSA standards that have been harmonized with the international standard for test and measurement equipment. The model 600V/65A transducer is designed for 1 kW to 5 kW systems and can be used to monitor AC or DC current and voltage with an appropriate data logger such as the Heliotronics Sunlogger. The transducer can operate up to 600 V DC or 424 V AC and 65 A DC or 56 A AC. current/voltage transducers are included in two of Heliotronics’ Epiphany series data acquisition system packages.
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