Groups Support Green Tags

The Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) and Trout Unlimited of California (TUC) have entered in to a formal partnership that will make a special offer to members of TUC who support Renewable Energy through the BEF Green Tags program.

Portland, Oregon – September 12, 2002 [] “By choosing energy from the wind and sun, TUC members are supporting the production of Renewable Energy in the 15 Western states,” said Rob Harmon, Vice President and Director of Renewable Energy Programs for BEF. “Plus, a portion of their purchases of BEF Green Tags will be directed into stream and fish protection, conservation and restoration projects in California.” Trout Unlimited selected the BEF Green Tag program because their product is 100 percent new wind and solar, certified by national organizations such as Green-e. BEF regularly invests revenue from the sale of Green Tags into new Renewable Energy projects. The arrangement with TUC dedicates a portion of these dollars toward TUC watershed projects in California. A Green Tag is a certificate that represents 1,000 kWh of electricity produced by wind and solar. Green Tags support new renewable electricity generation, which offsets the environmental effects of burning coal, gas and other fossil fuels in the region where the renewable generator is located and helps shift the overall energy mix toward more renewable resources. Also, BEF Green Tags help build a market for Renewable Energy, reduce global climate change and may have other environmental benefits such as reducing regional air pollution. Green Tags represent the offset in emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants that occur when renewable energy replaces traditional forms of power generation. BEF Green Tags, which are certified by Green-e and The Climate Neutral Network, come from new wind and solar resources endorsed by three regional environmental groups. The net revenue from selling BEF Green Tags is invested in the next new renewable energy project.
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