Grid-Friendly Power Converter for Wind Turbines

Northern Power, a subsidiary of Distributed Energy Systems Corp., announced the availability of its newly developed wind turbine power converter.

The advanced power circuit enables the modular power converter to use 40% fewer power transistors and 50% fewer capacitors than conventional power converters while yielding higher performance and reliability. The FlexPhase technology power modules can be configured for most types of wind turbine applications in the 500 kilowatt to 5 megawatt range including three generator types: Variable Speed Permanent Magnet, Wound Rotor Asynchronous or Synchronous, and Induction. “Our new power converters for the wind market are grid-friendly,” said Jim Stover, Northern Power’s power electronics business manager, “because they effectively manage the variable power output of wind turbines to ensure maximum power output and minimum disruption to the transmission and distribution system. By properly allocating real and reactive power, our power converters better capture energy at partial power and lower wind speeds, helping wind power to become an even more practical solution for the alternative energy marketplace.” The power converters are 100% compliant with LVRT (low voltage ride through) requirements around the world.
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