Greenpeace Hits the Streets for Wind Energy

August 15, 2003 [] Greenpeace launched a campaign to support plans to bring clean green energy to Swansea bay in the UK. They will promote the local and global benefits of the proposal to build a wind farm at Scarweather Sands, 3 miles off the coast of Porthcawl. The campaigners aim to directly address concerns about the visual and environmental impact of the project locally and to stress its global benefits. They will be showing locals new photomontages showing how the proposed wind farm at Scarweather Sands will really look from shore . They will also be explaining why Greenpeace is backing the findings of the project’s Environmental Impact Assessment. The photomontages of the wind farm were commissioned to provide accurate and independent visualisations of the wind farm, 3 miles off the coast, after the potential visual impact of the 30 turbines was raised as a concern in the local community.
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