Green Tags Offered in Northwest US

Owner/ratepayers can now support environmentally friendly electricity under a new program being offered by Washington state’s Mason County PUD No. 3.

Shelton, Washington – January 28, 2003 [] The Mason Evergreen Power program is a product offering of PUD 3 to its owner/ratepayers to support the use and development of environmentally friendly green power. PUD 3’s source of green power is the Nine Canyon Wind project in Eastern Washington. When owner/ratepayers sign up for this voluntary program, they can purchase blocks of green power for an additional fee beyond their normal electric bill. By purchasing blocks of green power, PUD 3 owner/ratepayers can directly support further development of new, Renewable Energy resources for the Pacific Northwest. The Mason Evergreen Power offering is sold in 100 kWh blocks at a cost of US$2 per month. Each block represents about 10 percent of an average residential customer’s monthly usage. The purchase of each block does not replace the current consumption of electricity by an owner/ratepayer. However, all electricity generated for the Mason Evergreen Power program is fed into the overall power supply grid for the Northwest, which means the electricity received is a “blended” supply of firm and renewable resources. “Electricity customers throughout the Pacific Northwest benefit from the investment in renewable power,” said Jay Himlie, PUD 3 Power Supply Engineer. “For those who purchase blocks of Mason Evergreen Power, they continue to get reliable electricity, which includes a more environmentally friendly pool of resources. Because electricity is distributed on a grid system, energy from a variety of companies and generators, including green power sources, are pooled together before being distributed to consumers.” Mason County PUD No. 3 is offering the program, due in part to a new state law that requires some electric utilities in Washington to offer their customers the option to purchase a portion of their electricity from renewable sources. The program is available to commercial and residential owner/ratepayers. There is no limit on the number of blocks that can be purchased. Customers can sign up, change their participation level or discontinue their participation at any time.
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