Green Tags Available From SeaWest WindPower

SeaWest WindPower, Inc. has announced opportunities for purchasers of Renewable Energy credits or “green tags” from its Caprock Canyon Winds wind energy project in Carson County, Texas that will provide clean wind energy to power users.

SAN DIEGO, California – April 18, 2002 [] The company has issued a preliminary request for expressions of interest to entities that would benefit from purchasing power, green tags, or Texas Renewable Energy Credits under Section 39.904 of the Texas Utility Code. It is estimated that this facility could generate approximately 500,000 MWh of Renewable Energy per year along with all associated Renewable Energy credits. SeaWest will entertain expressions of interest for long term contracts for purchase of power, green tags and/or Texas Renewable Energy Credits for up to the total output of the facility. Operations of the facility are estimated to begin in August 2003. “While the concept of Renewable Energy has been evolving over the last 15 years, the real potential for harnessing environmentally sensitive and sustainable sources of energy is only just being realized,” said Christian Engsted, SeaWest’s President and CEO. “Tradable Renewable Energy credits or ‘green tags’ give consumers, both in and out of Texas, the ability to buy environmentally friendly power or to offset the emissions from the power they purchase in their area.” Deadline for submission of bid responses will be April 22, 2002 by 5 p.m. Negotiations will commence shortly thereafter. The Caprock Canyon Winds project will be one of the latest wind energy projects to be built by San Diego-based SeaWest WindPower, Inc. SeaWest has installed over 3,200 turbines (827 MW) and currently operates over 370 MW of existing wind turbines in California, Wyoming, and Oregon.
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