Green Power to Xantrex Manufacturing Facilities

Xantrex Technology Inc. is expanding its commitment to green power by purchasing 4500 MwH of Green Tags over the next three years. The company implemented 100 percent green power for its Arlington, Washington facility in 2001 and is expanding its green energy program to include its facility in Livermore, California this year.

ARLINGTON, Washington – June 19, 2002 [] Green Tags are created when wind power or other Renewable Energy is substituted for traditional power. Also called Renewable Energy certificates, they are sold by the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), a not-for- profit organization that reinvests its revenues in new renewable electricity generation and in watershed restoration projects. BEF and Xantrex announced the new agreement Tuesday during the National Solar Energy Conference held by the American Solar Energy Society in Reno, Nevada. “Supporting the Green Tag program is one way Xantrex is stimulating the growth and development of the Renewable Energy industry,” said Kevin Hagen, Director of Marketing for Xantrex’s Distributed Power Market Unit. “This year, of the 100 percent green energy that we’ll use, we have specified that 5 percent will be from new solar sources — we are especially pleased that BEF has allowed us to customize our purchase to encourage the installation of new solar generation sites.” Xantrex has specified 225 MWh of its total Renewable Energy supply for its manufacturing facilities must come from new solar generation sites. This is the largest purchase of Solar Green Tags in the United States. Green Tags offset emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants from traditional power generation by increasing production of renewable energy. BEF Green Tags, which are certified by Green-e and The Climate Neutral Network, come from new wind and solar resources endorsed by three regional environmental groups.
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