Green Power Supplier Signs Largest Aggregation Contract

One of the larger suppliers of renewable energy in the United States has completed the largest energy aggregation contracts.

AUSTIN, Texas, US, 2001-03-19 <> Under the six year agreement, Green Mountain Energy Company will provide renewable energy and natural gas to 400,000 electricity customers in Ohio. The agreement was signed with the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC), a public electricity buying group which represents households across eight Ohio counties. GME will begin serving residential customers across the NOPEC area in September with electricity that is generated from wind, solar and natural gas. The company says its product blend is significantly cleaner than the power currently used by NOPEC, and will release one-third less carbon dioxide, two-thirds less nitrous oxide, and no sulfur dioxide or mercury. “This historic agreement highlights the growing consumer demand for cleaner energy choices at competitive prices,” says Dennis Kelly, CEO of the Texas company. “We are honored to have a role in helping Northeast Ohio change the way power is made, and look forward to serving these 400,000 new Green Mountain Energy customers.” “This is a truly historic occasion, a truly positive example of energy deregulation,” adds Dan DiLiberto, mayor of Eastlake and chairman of the NOPEC board of directors. “We are excited to enter into the partnership with Green Mountain Energy Company, enabling us to offer our customers a premium product, cleaner, renewable energy at discount prices.” GME also announced its intention to facilitate the development of new facilities to generate green power, including Ohio’s largest wind farm and solar arrays. It will work with BP Solar and Nuon (one of Europe’s largest suppliers of renewable energy) to develop commercial-scale solar power and wind facilities. It will perform a detailed feasibility study to determine a viable site for the wind farm in Ohio but, if no site is available, GME would locate the wind farm in an adjacent state to provide service to NOPEC customers. One of the major investors in GME is BP. GME wants to develop a wind facility with capacity of 10 megawatts and at least 100 kilowatts of new solar capacity in the state. The facilities would be the largest in Ohio, and would also displace 500,000 tons of carbon dioxide, 5,000 tons of sulfur dioxide, and 2,000 tons of nitrous oxide over the life of the facilities. GME claims the NOPEC contract makes it the largest green electric service provider in the United States with a customer base of more than 500,000 homes in five states: Connecticut, California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Ohio. It will enter the Texas market this June. “As such a large buying group, and as one not driven by a profit motive, NOPEC had a clear impact on the electricity market,” says Tom Coyne, mayor of Brook Park in Cuyahoga County. “By our very presence, I believe we have encouraged other electric suppliers to offer more competitive rates, and that’s the way deregulation is supposed to work.”

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