Green Power Program for California

The City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) honored the passing of Earth Day by launching “Palo Alto Green,” a new Renewable Energy offering to all residential, commercial and industrial customers within Palo Alto that provides an easy, affordable way to purchase electricity generated from 100 percent clean wind and solar power resources.

San Francisco, California – May 7, 2003 [] CPAU has selected 3 Phases Energy Services, a California-based Renewable Energy company, as its partner in developing the offering and in managing Renewable Energy purchases on behalf of the City. The new program will be unveiled June 1, 2003. On behalf of program participants, Palo Alto Green will purchase wind energy from newly constructed wind turbine facilities within the western power system and from new photovoltaic (PV) projects within Palo Alto and elsewhere in California. Palo Alto Green also hopes to be Green-e certified by the Center for Resource Solutions, a national accreditation body for Renewable Energy programs, as independent assurance of environmental benefit and consumer protection for program participants. For the average residential household, Palo Alto Green participants will pay an incremental cost of US$9.75 per month and annually will prevent the release of over four and three-quarters tons of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, sodium dioxide, volatile organic compounds and other harmful particulate matter into the earth’s atmosphere. Participants will also receive a quarterly newsletter and additional materials explaining and certifying the environmental impact of their purchase. “The program is simple, affordable and will give Palo Alto’s electricity customers an opportunity to support a high-quality Renewable Energy option,” said John Ulrich, City of Palo Alto Utilities director. “By supporting the development of new wind and solar power generation through this program offering, Palo Alto is pleased to do its part in leading the nation toward a cleaner environment and a reduction in dependence on fossil fuels.” Individual utility customers can sign up for Palo Alto Green in advance of the June 1 launch date by sending an e-mail that includes customer address and telephone number to or by calling (650) 329-2241. On June 1, all existing Future Green program participants will be offered the opportunity to convert to the Palo Alto Green program, and the official Palo Alto Green program packet will become available.
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