Green Power Marketer Offers Wind Energy

The Energy Cooperative announced a wind energy offer and will congratulate the Borough of Media as the first customer at a renewable energy awards luncheon in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – October 25, 2002 [] The Cooperative’s wind energy offer allows commercial electricity customers to save on their electric bill by switching to the Energy Cooperative, according the company. Users can then apply their savings to purchase New Wind Energy, a product of Pennsylvania-based Community Energy. The Borough of Media will buy from the Energy Cooperative 128,111 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year of New Wind Energy- enough for 44% of the usage of its Borough Hall and the Highway garage – at no extra cost. Media switched eight of its electricity accounts to the Cooperative and applied the savings to buy the wind energy. “Businesses and municipalities in southeast Pennsylvania can now buy wind energy for a significant portion of their electric needs with a minimal, or no, increase in their electric bill,” said Nadia Adawi, the Energy Cooperative’s director of operations. “By switching to us for their electricity supply and applying the savings to purchasing wind power, we can help offset the slightly higher cost to generate wind power.” “Combined with our state-supported recycling program, this new purchase of wind energy we hope will set an example for community residents and businesses that doing the right thing for the environment doesn’t have to cost any more then making a phone call,” Peter Alyanakian, borough councilman. “Wind generation facilities emit no health-threatening pollution, add to the local tax base, and provide much needed revenue for family farmers,” said Joseph Otis Minott, executive director of the Council. “By switching to a competitive supplier to save money and investing the savings in clean electricity, Media has pioneered a model that every municipality in southeast Pennsylvania can and should follow,” said Peter Adels, General Counsel for Penn Future.
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