Green Mountain Energy Expands to Texas Market

Building upon its success in the residential electric market, Austin-based Green Mountain Energy Company, the nation’s largest and fastest growing retail provider of cleaner energy, is expanding its operations into Texas’ commercial and industrial market.

Austin, Texas – May 22, 2003 [] Beginning this month, the company will enroll businesses for Green Mountain Energy electricity service that is designed to often be less expensive while polluting less. To launch the new offer, the company also announced that it has signed up three Whole Earth Provision stores in Dallas and Houston for Green Mountain Energy electricity. Green Mountain Energy Company will offer businesses electricity that is less polluting than what most Texans are buying today in TXU, Reliant, TNMP and CP&L territories. The company has been offering cleaner electricity to residential customers in Texas since the Electric Choice pilot program began in 2001. The move into the commercial market segment is a result of the success the company has experienced in Texas to date, as well as the significant business opportunity. According to the 2000 Annual Update of Generating Electric Utility Data, the market size for commercial and industrial customers is 73,000 GWh. “Texans are enthusiastically embracing cleaner electricity. We will build on our success and experience as we offer both less-polluting electricity and cost savings for many businesses in the Lone Star State. This is another example of the strength of the electric market in Texas and our commitment to doing business here in the state,” said John Savage, president of the Texas region for Green Mountain Energy Company. Savage added, “Our cleaner electricity product, coupled with the lower rates we are offering to many Texas businesses, makes choosing Green Mountain Energy electricity an extremely compelling proposition.” Whole Earth Provision Company is among the businesses taking advantage of Green Mountain Energy Company’s new offer, enrolling three of its stores in Dallas in Houston for cleaner electricity service. Businesses have three options when signing up for Green Mountain Energy electricity service. The Green Mountain Energy Commercial Month-to-Month plan; the Green Mountain Energy Commercial Reliable Rate plan, which secures rates for a full year of service; and the Green Mountain Energy Commercial 100% Wind Plan. The first two options are both designed to offer cost savings and include an electricity product made from a combination of natural gas and wind. The third option features 100 percent pollution-free electricity made from wind that costs just a little more than most businesses are paying now. By purchasing Green Mountain Energy electricity on the Commercial Month- to-Month or Reliable Rate Plans for a year, a small Texas business using 3,750 kWh of electricity each month can avoid contributing nearly 7,000 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the air. To avoid that much CO2, an employee would have to not drive their car 142 miles each workweek.

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