Green Mountain Energy Applies to Sell Green Power in Texas

A major green power supplier in the United States wants to sell renewable energy in the state of Texas.

AUSTIN, Texas – Green Mountain Energy Company has filed an application with the Public Utility Commission (PUC) of Texas to become a Retail Electric Service Provider. It is the first green energy company to apply for a license in the state, and it wants to sell renewable electricity when the market opens to competition in a pilot program in June. “Most people don’t realize that the generation of electricity is the largest cause of industrial air pollution in the U.S.,” says the company’s CEO Dennis Kelly. “We think that when Texans learn of the connection between clean air and clean energy, they will look for a simple way to purchase electricity that includes clean renewable sources like wind, sun and hydropower.” Green Mountain Energy is based in Austin, and currently sells green power in California, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It plans to expand into other states as deregulation spreads across the country. It is a member of the Alliance for Retail Markets and has been working with other potential retail electric providers to develop a fair and competitive market in Texas. “We are looking forward to the prospects of doing business in Texas and we are excited to see regulatory rules being put in place to promote competition, creativity and innovation in the marketplace,” adds the company’s regional manager Gillan Taddune. “The PUC has worked diligently to ensure that customers will reap the benefits of competition. That is good not only for companies entering the market but for all of Texas.” Since its inception, Green Mountain Energy has promoted customer demand for new renewable energy projects through the development of five new renewable energy projects that will reduce air pollution caused by electricity generation. The projects include a 43 kilowatt solar power plant in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, which is the largest solar generation facility in the state; three 700 kW wind turbines in California’s San Gorgonio Pass, the first new turbines built due to customer demand; a 132 kW solar power plant in Hopland, California; the 10.4 MW Green Mountain Wind Farm in Garrett Pennsylvania, which is one of the largest on the eastern coast; and the recent commissioning of the 100 kW Green Mountain Solar – Berkeley facility that is the largest solar array in the San Francisco Bay area.

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