Green Energy Supplier to Sell in Texas

The Texas Public Utility Commission has approved a licence for Green Mountain Energy Company to sell renewable energy electricity in the state.

AUSTIN, Texas – The Austin-based GME is the first exclusively green provider to receive approval and it plans to start selling when Texas begins a pilot program this June. “We are looking forward to bringing Texans the opportunity to support cleaner air by purchasing power made from cleaner and renewable sources,” says CEO Dennis Kelly. “One of the most powerful benefits of electric choice is the ability for people to choose how power is made. As more people understand that making electricity causes more air pollution than any other industry, they will look for a simple way to purchase electricity that includes clean renewable sources like wind, sun and hydropower.” GME currently sells green power in California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut, and plans to expand as deregulation spreads across the United States. As a member of the Alliance for Retail Markets (ARM), it works with other potential retail electric providers to develop a fair and competitive market in Texas. Since its creation, GME has spurred the development of several new renewable projects, including one of the largest wind farms on the east coast, the first new wind turbines to be built as a result of customer demand in California, and the largest solar array in the San Francisco Bay area.


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