Green Consumer Advocate Purchases Solar RECs

Consumer advocate Debra Lynn Dadd advises people everyday on some of the best green products to purchase for home use. In the true spirit of practicing what she preaches, Dadd joined the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Green Power Partnership and purchased 15 MWh of renewable energy certificates to run home office in Florida.

Her energy purchase, which is supplied by solar photovoltaics, will cover 100 percent of her electricity needs. “Though my purchase is only 15 MWh per year every little bit helps establish the market for renewable energy,” Dadd said. “It costs me only $40 a month – in addition to my regular energy bill – for solar, and other renewables cost even less.” Renewable energy certificate purchases are a method that anyone can use to reduce or eliminate the environmental impact of their electricity use. Each certificate represents the delivery of a specific amount of renewable power, usually one megawatt-hour, into a regional or national energy grid. The resulting benefit to the environment is the same as it would be if purchasers installed solar panels or wind turbines directly on their own homes. “Voluntary green power customers like Debra Lynn Dadd are making a real difference environmentally by purchasing green power and supporting the development of new power plants that generate electricity with significantly less air pollution and no net increase in greenhouse gas emissions,” said Matt Clouse, the program manager of the Green Power Partnership. The Green Power Partnership is a voluntary EPA program working to standardize green power procurement as part of best practice environmental management. The Partnership currently includes over 500 Partner organizations, representing a total annual green power commitment of approximately two billion kilowatt hours.
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