Grant to Examine Wind and Solar Energy under Deregulation

A grant of C$170,000 to study the potential of wind and solar power is part of $346 million awarded by the Canadian government under its university research program.

OTTAWA, Ontario, CA, 2001-05-14 <> The latest round of grants from the Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council is for up to five years and involves 2,500 university professors across Canada. The grants were awarded in a nation-wide competition conducted by NSERC. Roy Billinton of the University of Saskatchewan will receive $86,545 a year for two years to assess electrical power system reliability and develop techniques to ensure consistent power supply under varying market conditions as Canadian provinces start to deregulate. His research will include the introduction of new techniques, including wind and solar power. “NSERC-funded professors contribute the ideas that fuel tomorrow’s innovations,” says federal industry minister Brian Tobin. “They are moving Canada towards its goal of becoming one of the top five R&D performers in the world.” Energy minister Ralph Goodale added his congratulations to the recipients of grants in Saskatchewan, which is where his riding is located. “Through NSERC programs, the Government of Canada is creating opportunities for young people in Saskatchewan,” he says. “In today’s world, the social and economic benefits of knowledge are huge.” Thousands of university professors apply each year to NSERC for research and equipment grants, which are the core support for research in Canada. Support for research projects with industry partners are announced throughout the year.

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