Goss International & Aeronautica To Manufacture Wind Turbine Components

Aeronautica Windpower has selected Goss International to produce a vital electromechanical component for mid-scale wind turbines that Aeronautica markets for commercial, agricultural and other uses. Goss International, which manufactures some of the world’s most productive printing equipment, will produce the nacelles at its facility in Durham, New Hampshire for Aeronautica using licensed designs for 225 and 750 kilowatt turbines.

Aeronautica is based in Plymouth, Massachusetts and has an exclusive license to manufacture and distribute Norwin A/S turbines for the North American and other markets. Goss will begin producing the nacelles using advanced assembly techniques, with many domestic materials, for turbines that will ship in the spring of 2010.

Aeronautica Windpower markets mid-scale wind turbines for supplying clean electricity to schools and municipal buildings, commercial facilities, industrial parks, farms, ranches, neighborhoods, or smaller wind parks. The nacelle assembly is the portion of the wind turbine at the top of the tower where the wind energy is captured and converted to electricity.

“This agreement with Goss International gives us a reliable strategic relationship with a company that has a proven track record in manufacturing precision electromechanical components for commercial and industrial applications,” said Jeff Warren, Aeronautica Windpower’s president. “The organization in New Hampshire has the expertise, the resources and the sophisticated infrastructure in place to manage the entire manufacturing process and meet the highest quality standards.”

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