Goodhue Wind To Develop 78-MW Community Wind Project

National Wind LLC has announced the formation of Goodhue Wind LLC, a community wind development company in Goodhue County, Minnesota. National Wind, the project’s manager, helped capitalize Goodhue Wind alongside local Goodhue County investors. Goodhue Wind intends to develop a 78 megawatt (MW) wind farm, which will supply energy to Midwestern utilities and ultimately to Midwestern homes and businesses.

Goodhue Wind is in the definitive planning phase of negotiating an interconnection agreement that will handle up to 78 MW of new input to the Minnesota grid. Goodhue Wind expects the project will be operational between late 2009 and early 2010.

Minnesota’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), enacted by the state legislature in February 2007, requires utility companies in the state to obtain 25% of their retail electricity sales from renewable sources by 2025.

“Utilities have a tendency to view community-based wind projects more favorably than traditional wind developments,” said Jack Levi, co-chairman of National Wind. “By focusing on local needs and local involvement, community projects form solid roots in the community and create strong local support. Community members really appreciate that, and utilities seem to value it as well.”

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