German Wind Turbines for Japan, China

Wind turbine manufacturer Nordex AG has entered the new year by reporting strong wind turbine business in the Far East. The company is currently constructing 42 turbines worth a total of roughly €25 million (US$25 million) for customers from Japan and China.

Hamburg, Germany – January 21, 2003 [] This represents the continuation of the Nordex’ successful internationalization strategy in the Far East. In 2001, Nordex was the market leader in China, with some 48 percent of the market completing a number of projects in Japan. Nordex is executing the follow-up order for the extension phase of the Minami Osumi wind farm for its Japanese partner, Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries (IHI) and will be supplying the second phase comprising 10, N60 1,300 kW turbines to IHI in March 2003. Last year Nordex shipped the first 10 turbines to IHI. The first construction phase will be made available by IHI to its customer Kyushu Electric Power in March 2003 as a turnkey solution. With a total capacity of 20 turbines and a rated capacity of 26 MW, the Minami Osumi project will be one of the largest wind farms in Japan. The farm is situated at the southern end of the island of Kyushu at an altitude of 420 to 520 meters. Nordex is also working with IHI to build the first multi-megawatt turbine in Japan. In February 2003, the Japanese version of the N80 is due to go on grid on the island of Honshu, 200 kilometers to the south-west of Tokyo. Adjustments in the gear transmission and the control technology were required as the electricity grid in parts of Japan operates at a frequency of 60 hertz. With the exception of the United States, 50 hertz is the standard frequency in the principal markets. Apart from the good wind conditions in Japan, government support is solid: wind-farm operators receive a grant towards investment costs amounting to between 33 and 40 percent and feed-in remuneration of 7.8 – 8.9 eurocents per kilowatt hour. With this program, the Japanese government wishes to increase the share of domestic energy sources and encourage environment protection.
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