German Turbines Headed to Spain

In a transaction that wind turbine manufacturer NEG Micon believes consolidates their strong position in the Spanish Market, the company has initiated the third phase of turbine sales for a major wind farm in Spain which will have a total capacity of 272 MW.

Randers, Denmark – February 21, 2003 [] The order is for 94 NM44/750 and NM48/750 wind turbines with a total value of just under DKK 300 million (US$ 43 million) from Spanish Acciona S.A. The order is the third phase of the AEGA project in Galicia and will be one of the world’s largest wind energy projects. Project phases 1 and 2 were implemented between 1999 and 2002. “NEG Micon is a major player in the Spanish market,” said Ebbe Funk, manager of NEG Micon S.A.U. in Spain. “The agreement which we have now made with our long-standing Spanish partner represents just one of a number of activities in which we are currently engaged in Spain and which is providing us with a strong foothold here,”. The Spanish market has in recent years been characterized by a high level of activity within the wind power sector. This has also been reflected in NEG Micon’s activities in Spain. From 2000 to 2001, NEG Micon thus increased its market share from around five percent in 2000 to just under 20 percent in 2001. “Spain is the second-largest market for wind power after Germany, and is also one of our most important,” said Funk. “An increasing number of Spanish regions are becoming interested in wind power, and we see plenty of opportunity for developing the market. We have a long history in Spain, and our products are of a high quality – so there is no doubt that we will continue to have a considerable share of the many activities in that market.” NEG Micon’s ambitions in the Spanish market are supported by the company’s imminent introduction of MW wind turbines in Spain. Given the success of these turbines in other markets, expectations are that they will contribute to continued growth in the Spanish market. The Spanish market has for a long time been an important one for the development of wind energy – developments which started at the end of the 1980s when the first projects totalling 25 MW were erected. By the end of 2001, a total of 3,550 MW of wind energy had been installed in Spain. NEG Micon established itself in Spain back in 1993, and made its first delivery to the Spanish market in 1996. Twelve wind turbines, totalling 6 MW, were erected in Andalucia and, since then, things have developed rapidly for NEG Micon in Spain. By the end of 2001, NEG Micon had erected wind turbines with a total capacity of 420 MW.
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